Tips to Reduce Utility Costs in the UAE

Tips to Reduce Utility Costs in the UAE

What is worse than the UAE heat? Extremely high utility bills! Stay cool and save money with these useful tips from Hamptons Property Management.

  • Turn Off the AC before Leaving the House. This is energy efficient and will eliminate any unnecessary costs for your utility bill.
  • Switch AC to Auto Mode. When inside the apartment, switch the thermostat to auto mode and set the temperature to 24°C. This way the AC will automatically shut off once it reaches the ideal temperature.
  • Regular AC Check-up. If your AC is not maintained frequently, it will not function properly, and you will have to pay double the amount to get it fixed and running. Always request to have your AC checked.

Close your Curtains and Blinds. Draw all curtains and blinds during the day to block excessive indoor heat.

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