• STEP 1: Find out how much you can borrow

    If you’re looking at setting up a mortgage on your property, you need to know what value you qualify for. This is dependent on your income and the type of mortgage you want.

  • STEP 2: Confirm why you want to buy

    Are you looking to buy to rent as an investment or secure long term capital appreciation as an end user? Figuring this out will help you select the type of property you wish to buy along with choosing the right location.

  • STEP 3: Set up a local bank account

    You'll need one during and after the purchasing process.

  • STEP 4: Know all of the fees

    Ask your consultant about all the fees and charges applicable additional to the basic property price advertised.

  • STEP 5: Zone in on the right property

    This will depend on a) whether you plan to live in your property long term b) where you really want to live c) what you can afford or d) what’s right for your investment.

  • STEP 6: Carry out a price check

    Conduct some research on prices for comparable properties in the area you’re looking to purchase at so that you don't pay over the odds.

  • STEP 7: Make a list of what property features are important for you

    Its rare to find perfection, so keep to your list and don’t lose focus of what’s important. Bring a notepad to each viewing, and take photos for reference. Make a snag list to ensure all issues are addressed by the seller.

  • STEP 8: Get organized

    For an individual buyer:
    1. Passports | 2. Signed Buyer Agreement known as Form B For a company:
    1. Certificate of Incorporation | 2. Memorandum and Articles of Association | 3. Board Resolution | 4. Power of Attorney | 5. Signed Buyer Agreement known as Form B
    For an overseas company:
    1. All of the above must be attested by the UAE Embassy | 2. Signed Buyer Agreement known as Form B

  • STEP 9: Make an offer

    Once you have identified a property you’re interested in, submit your offer to the consultant who will then communicate your offer to the seller.

  • STEP 10: Offer agreed

    If your offer is accepted, you’ll need to submit a copy of your passport to your agent to start drawing up the buying process.

  • STEP 11: Understand the terms

    Ensure you understand the commitments you're taking on prior to signing

  • STEP 12: Register the title at the Land Department

    Ask your consultant when you can expect to receive the full title deed, which usually takes a few months to process. When these documents have been completed and returned by the local registry office, you will officially become a property owner in Dubai.

  • STEP 13: Get legal advice

    At the stage of drafting the Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA), consult a lawyer.

  • STEP 14: Payment deadlines

    Be sure you can commit to the transfer date and final payment before you make a deposit.