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Waterfalls, Greenery, Air Taxis: Here’s what Dubai will Look like by 2040

Dubai—a city that truly needs no description regarding advancement and betterment in terms of lifestyle. In 1960, a town that started out with 40,000 residents now has over 3.6 million people calling it their ‘home’. From the 1st urban plan announced back to the newest and the 7th development plan since then, each day this city has functioned on a growth mindset. The Dubai 2040 Masterplan was announced almost 2 years ago, and in 2023, it’s surely exciting for people who are waiting to see what the city will turn into!

The 2040 Urban Master Plan, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid in 2021, intends to map out Dubai as a greener and much more sustainable city, housing over 5.8 million residents. Almost 16 to 17 years from now, we’ll have more than half of the population living in areas close to multiple public transport options.

Greenery will increase by 105%, ensuring there is abundant nature all around, whilst the public beaches will extend by over 400%. Dubai will host 5 urban centers and will transform into a 20-minute city wherein residents will be able to reach places within that time, either by walking or on a bicycle.

In short, several initiatives are under the 2040 Master Plan Dubai. Keep your eyes glued here to know how the city’s going to transform into a nature haven!

Dubai 2040 Masterplan In 2023 Pictures: Here’s What to Expect

It’s 2023, but the Dubai 2040 Masterplan taking shape already. Here are some images showing what the city is going to look like in the coming future.

60% of Dubai within Natural Reserves

Generally, we’ve all known Dubai for its stunning skyscrapers and of course, the iconic Burj Khalifa. But did we ever imagine nature reserves nestled in the heart of the city, Downtown? Definitely not! However, the new plan has different ideas for renovating the city. Pictures show a green route leading to Downtown Dubai, where multiple projects from the master developer Emaar and other developers are situated.

Not only the center of the city, but even the rural natural areas will be under 60% of the city’s coverage. Numerous green corridors are on the charts and all of these will interlink service areas, residential areas, and workplaces.

Air Taxis Above the Upcoming Saih Al Salam Scenic Route

Saih Al Salam Scenic Route, aka Route 1 to see a great revolution under the Dubai 2040 masterplan, 2023 images show.

Dubai’s plans to expand across the rural outdoor areas whilst keeping their habitat intact is anyways quite attractive. But Saih Al Salam Scenic Route, extending over the Dubai-Al Ain Road, is something totally different! Mapped out for interactive touristic attractions that sync with the city’s culture, this area will witness flying taxis all around.

Not only Air Taxis, but Route 1 will also have everything from hot air balloons, kayaking, horse rides, lodges with glass domes, and an open cinema. The areas and communities around this section of the city, including The Valley by Emaar, will witness a strong capital appreciation.

Cable Cars and Waterfalls at Dubai’s Mountain Enclave Hatta

Hatta is quite known for its safari and other activities, but that’s not just going to be it. The mountain enclave is set to become a tourist destination to visit throughout the year. The plan is to build Hatta Waterfalls, an absolutely scenic destination that’ll have 4 oases linked and there will be a bridge to cross the water canal.

At the same time, there will be a 5.4-kilometer-long cable car system to go to Um Al Nesoor, the highest natural summit in Dubai. There will be a cable car route passing the Hatta Dam, over the mountains, and upper dam lakes.

Developed Countryside and the Shimmering Sea as an Eye Catcher

Areas around Dubai will be revamped into scenic destinations under the Countryside and Rural Areas Development Master Plan. Spreading across a whopping 2,216 sq. km., Al Aweer, Al Lisaili, Al Faqaa, Lehbab, Margham, and Al Marmoom will become key tourist spots. The best part? Above all of this, the natural areas and archaeological sites in these neighborhoods will be under preservation, meaning visitors can enjoy a blend of history and the new, peaceful countryside of the city.

This is not only it—just as Dubai’s residents have numerous beaches to experience the warm sand and the dazzling sea, there’s going to be more! By the year 2040, the city’s 21km long beaches will increase by almost 5x, spanning more than 105km. These stunning beaches will have abundant mangroves, walking & cycling tracks, water sports, walkways, and resting spots.

It’s Just 2023, But Dubai’s 2040 Masterplan is Under Execution at Full Pace

Dubai, when promised, ensures to definitely deliver what the people expect. There’s a reason why the city has bagged numerous awards for its hospitality, lifestyle, landmarks, and recently, also for its top-notch real estate offerings. Every investment here will promise a strong return—owing to the low price per sq. ft. in comparison to other cities of competition such as New York and Hong Kong. However, the prices shall only remain like they are currently for a limited amount of time, because with every step this city takes, the more hype it generates globally, and the demand increases with it.

The time to buy a property in Dubai is 2023—NOW is when your investment will be able to bag you the best fruits. Would you like to know more in detail?

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