With new developments offering long-haul return flights and more in the annual rental agreements, at Hamptons International we identify what is required to attract tenants for Dubai apartment rentals.

One of the most important factors is showcasing your property in the way the tenant can see themselves living there. Use neutral colours all round if the apartment is unfurnished, and attractive, modern furniture if you want to sell it furnished.

dubai apartment rentals

Ensure Dubai apartment rentals are made easy

Don’t rush in choosing your real estate representative

The Dubai real estate agency who will represent your property in Dubai is key. If you do not believe in their personality or selling skills, there is no way a potential tenant will! Look around at different real estate agencies and make sure you are 100% happy with who will be renting out your Dubai properties.

Be realistic with your Dubai apartment rentals

If you want your property in Dubai to be rented instantly, then you have to remember that price always plays a main part. Even the most beautiful home will struggle to be rented out if the price is too high. Make sure you market your Dubai property at the right price, aiming for the average property price in the area, to make sure you are not overselling yourself.

Include all the essentials

Make sure your kitchen and bathroom appliances are modern, clean and not faulty; otherwise this will put tenants off from the start.

Furnish like a hotel

If your Dubai property is furnished, then use inspiration from high-end hotels as a base for your interior design. When a tenant is viewing the property, have the bed nicely made and even have crisp white towels out in the bathroom. These little touches will make sure they can envision themselves living there and even make them think the property is nicer than it actually is!

Offer added extras

If you are really looking for a way to make your Dubai property stand out, then offer added extras to the tenancy agreement, such as a maintenance contract or chiller fees included. If you do add in such things, make sure your real estate agent knows about them and uses them as a way of selling the tenancy!