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Golden Visa UAE: Does Investing in Real Estate Help?

UAE has been several expats’ #1 choice for several years in a row! A lot of people from different parts of the world have settled here with their families and made this country their home. In fact, so many of them cannot even consider moving out since the lifestyle offered here, especially in Dubai, isn’t possible to attain anywhere else. With the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, safety, and now with UAE Golden and Investor Visa, it has become one of the best countries to migrate to!

The doors to establish a life here were always open, but the government has made it easier and more accessible with its friendly visa reforms. There’s a great variety of options available to freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and, most importantly, investors! Experts believe that the new visas will offer a sense of assurance to people looking forward to relocating to UAE, which will further benefit investors enormously.

The reforms will also boost economic activities, open more job opportunities, and raise foreign direct investment in the time ahead. Read to know more about UAE visa in 2023 are here to improve your life in the country!

Latest Visa Solutions Offered by UAE in 2023

Golden Visa Gets You the Utmost Residency Benefits

There are several ways through which you can get a golden visa, and once you have it in hand, you are absolutely free to sponsor any family member regardless of their age. The golden visa benefits are not only for you, but as you sponsor your family, they attain all amenities of the visa with you. Also, there won’t be any limitations on the number of months you could stay out of the country to keep your visa valid.

As you get a golden visa, all regulations that come with a regular residence visa are left behind, and this time you get ten years of visa validity. Another great thing is that you need not necessarily be an entrepreneur, a professional, someone who possesses exceptional talents, or a frontline warrior—with an AED 2 million investment in Dubai real estate, your gateway to attain a UAE Golden Visa opens!

Several top-notch projects are available at this price with an impressive set of amenities and are present in some premium & bespoke communities of Dubai. The demand is at an all-time high; in the first half of 2022, Dubai witnessed an 85% rise in the value of sold properties and a 60% rise in transaction values. This may be the perfect time to fetch you a property that suits your requirements and budget before it gets too late!

Green Visa Removes the Need to Have a Sponsor

Even if you aren’t eligible for a golden visa, getting a UAE green visa is effortless! Earlier, you’d require proof of employment, and your employer would be your visa’s sponsor; however, that’s not the case anymore. The green visa secures you and your family from the fear that the employer might cancel the visa at any moment.

The visa is valid for five years and gives you immense opportunities in the UAE, and you can also set up your business under the Free Zone. Even with a green visa, it would be best to buy a property in Dubai since the compatible mortgage rates get you EMIs that stand equal to the monthly rents. You add an asset under your name at the same price and live hassle-free!

Retirement Visa Permits you to Settle Here without Sponsorship

Earlier, being above 60 would make it difficult to live in UAE since the companies would remove the visa sponsorship. However, in today’s time, one could get a retirement visa provided they have:

  • A property worth AED 1,000,000
  • An annual income of AED 180,000
  • A bank balance of AED 1,000,000

The easiest way to attain a Retirement Visa would be to invest in Dubai properties. Plan your retirement and secure your future in the country by getting yourself a house in Dubai.

Today it might be easy to get a home for AED 1 million, but in a few weeks from now, you’d find the prices skyrocketing! Also, if you invest today, won’t you find the property value increasing and benefitting you in the time ahead? Overall, one investment brings you multiple benefits.

To Sum Up!

“We welcome everyone to our country” were the lines HH Sheikh Mohammed wrote in a tweet, and when he mentioned it, he truly meant it. There are multiple solutions now to settle in UAE, and some of the most excellent solutions are available with property investment in Dubai. Invest in the land filled with beaming opportunities and facilities.

Make an investment and get your hands on the available UAE Golden Visa and other options!

Hamptons International is an award-winning firm functioning in all major freehold communities in Dubai, offering a wide property portfolio to choose your dream home. From the best vicinity for your children to a corporate office that’s strategically located to offer the utmost convenience, we boast a huge selection.

To know more, dial 800 HAMPTONS (42678667).

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