1.What information and documents do you need from me in order to manage my property

1. Proof of ownership (Title Deed and copy of the sales agreement and proof of payment completion).
2. Owner’s passport copy.
3. POA (if required).
4. Trade license copy (if property is under company’s name).
5. Property layout.
6. Receipt of payment of Service Fees.
7. Apartment Inventory list (if unit is furnished).

2. What information do you need from me in order to manage my property?

1. Whether the property is vacant or tenanted.
2. Whether there is a service provider contracted for the property.
3. Whether you would like Hamptons to provide details for some service providers.
4. Complete contact details of the owner (landline number, mobile, email, mailing address, PO Box).
5. Bank account details of the owner for transferring received rent.

3. What services are included in my property management package?

For the exact Services, please refer to the Property Management Packages and Fees.(click here)

4. Do I need to be present for the inspection or handover process?

- If the handover is between the developer and landlord:
We recommend that the landlord is present for an inspection / handover while receiving the property directly from the developer. However, if this is not possible, then Hamptons International can arrange for the handover at a nominal cost of AED 2000/- (plus any actual costs or fees where applicable).

- If handover is between the landlord and tenant:
The landlord is not required to be present for an inspection / handover as Hamptons International would represent the landlord for this purpose. During this time, the Hamptons representative will make a detailed report on the inspection / handover and ensure that all discrepancies are brought to the landlord’s attention immediately.

5.Why choose the Platinum management package (8%), if the Gold package (5%) includes almost the same services?

The main and major difference is that the Platinum service package comes with an annual maintenance contract (AMC) which includes all maintenance requests for the duration of the tenancy, as well as AC servicing and emergency call out. We service those requests without any additional cost to the landlord. The landlord will only be responsible for the cost of parts if replacement is required.

We highly recommend the platinum package if you don’t have an annual maintenance contract in place yet and if your property is outside the 1-year Developers warranty.

An AMC will give you piece of mind, as there will be a 24/7 call out service for emergencies and on top of regular servicing of AC’s and maintenance of MEP amongst others, your property will be safe and your tenants will be happy, as there will be no delay attending to emergencies.

6. Do I need to sign a new property management contract and Power of Attorney every time I get a new tenant or if I leave the property vacant for too long?

No, the property management contract that is signed between Hamptons International and the landlord is automatically renewed annually unless either party wishes to terminate the contract.

8.If I am unhappy with the tenants, can I evict them?

No, a tenant can only be evicted if they fail to comply with the terms and conditions laid down in their tenancy contract.

If a tenant is in breach of the tenancy contract and the dispute can’t be solved between the Tenant and Landlord, a legal case needs to be filed with the Rent Committee. The RC shall decide on the final verdict.

9.Can I increase the rent upon renewal of the tenancy contract?

1. If the rent is less than or equal to 10% of the average rent for similar units in the area, rent cannot be increased.
2. If the rent is 11% to 20% less than the average similar rent in the area, rent can be increased by 5%.
3. If the rent is 21% to 30% less than the average similar rent in the area, rent can be increased by 10%.
4. If the rent is 31% to 40% less than the average similar rent in the area, rent can be increased by 15%.
5. If the rent is lesser than 40% less than the average similar rent in the area, rent can be increased by 20%.

10. Is Ejari registration mandatory for my tenancy contract and will it be included in the management package?

Yes. According to the Real Estate Law No. 26 of 2007 all individuals and companies acting as Landlords must register their tenancy agreements using Ejari. Hamptons International will register the tenancy agreement with Ejari on your behalf , at no extra cost.

11. I do not have a Title Deed, can I still register the tenancy contract to Ejari?

No, Ejari registration can only take place once the Title Deed is in place.

12. What will happen if I don’t register to Ejari?

Various Dubai Government departments such as DNRD, DED, DEWA and DU, will require Ejari registrations for their services. The absence of an Ejari registered contract might prevent your tenant from DEWA connection or Visa applications.

13. If I decide to sell my property, would you take care of the sale for me?

Yes, Hamptons International has a dedicated team of sales professionals who can advise and assist you in the sale of your property.

14. If a tenant has a maintenance problem or has problems with another tenant, who should they call?

If a maintenance service provider has been assigned to the property, then the tenant will need to call the service provider directly. Otherwise, the tenant will need to contact their Property Management Executive assigned to manage their property.

15. Does the tenant have my contact details?

No, the landlord’s contact details are not passed on to the tenant.

16. What properties does Hamptons International manage?

Hamptons International has an extensive portfolio of managed properties which ranges from apartments to full buildings across Dubai. Whether you own a villa in Emirates Hills, an apartment in Dubai Marina, or a full building Downtown, Hamptons will be able to help you and provide you with the required services.

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