Frequently Asked Questions
What information and documents do you need from me in order to manage my property?
What services are included in my property management package?
Do I need to be present for the inspection or handover process?
Why chose the Platinum management package (8%), if the Gold package (5%) includes almost the same services?
Do I need to sign a new property management contract and Power or Authority every time I get a new tenant or if I leave the property vacant for too long?
If I want to sell my property but the tenant wants to stay, what happens?
If I am unhappy with the tenant, can I evict them?
Can I increase the rent upon renewal of the tenancy contract?
Is Ejari registration mandatory for my tenancy contract and will it be included in the management package?
I do not have a Title Deed, can I still register the tenancy contract to Ejari?
What will happen if I don’t register to Ejari?
If I decide to sell my property, would you take care of the sale for me?
If the tenant has a maintenance problem or has problems with another tenant, whom do they call?
Does the tenant have my contact details?
What properties does Hamptons International manage?

Property Management Enquiries

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