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Buy residential property in Dubai

Come sell your property in Dubai with us — here are a few factors to consider for a breezy sales experience

  • Be aware of the time frame

    The complete selling process takes approximately 6 months after having an agreed buyer.

  • Market your property

    Marketing your property across a wide range of portals and avenues helps find a buyer and prevent void periods.

  • Make your property stand out

    Highlight the bestselling aspects of your property and give the buyers a reason to present an offer.

  • Understand your price

    Understand the market pattern and identify the prices of properties similar to yours. Remember that prices advertised and finalized prices are different. Set prices that align with the market to avoid delays in finding the right buyer.

  • Be flexible with viewings

    Ensure the viewing timings are flexible for the potential buyers to visit and speed up the selling process.

  • Organize your paperwork

    Prepare the necessary documentation. This includes the Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA), the title deed, floor plans, and a location map.

  • Pay off your mortgage

    Produce a liability letter from the bank that you have the mortgage on your property with. Once you do, the buyer's bank will then arrange to pay off your mortgage. You may be asked to sign a few documents pertaining to authorizing your bank to accept the settlement of the loan and instructing the bank to release the property documents once the mortgage is settled. The buyer's bank will pay off the mortgage while your bank issues the clearance documentation.

Transfer of Ownership

The next step is to submit a copy of the NOC to the buyer's bank. The bank will then take about 2-3 days to prepare the final documentation for the property transfer. You would then need to meet with the buyer, the buyer's bank, agent and the mortgage consultant at the developer's office (if it is a property under construction) or at the Dubai Land Department to initiate the transfer.

Final Step

If the buyer's bank issues a guarantee letter, you will receive the cheque for any additional payment a week later. The buyer's contribution will be paid to you through a manager's cheque.

Save the hassle - let us sell your property!

Why go through the hassle by yourself when we can help you? Being in the industry for 150+ years globally and 16+ years just in Dubai, we know what it takes to sell a property.

Our expert property consultants will:

  • Identify the accurate price for your property
  • Market it on premium
  • Find you the right buyer at your agreed prices
  • Look after client viewings
  • Assist you to organize your paperwork
  • Help finalize the transfer of ownership and facilitate payments

Save your time and make the most out of your home in Dubai, reach out to us today!

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