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We the UAE 2031: The Nation’s Set to Rank Under the Top 10 Across All Sectors

A New Benchmark as the country establishes new plans for the coming 10 years.

The national plan for the next ten years has been presented by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Named, “We the UAE 2031,” it provides a clear road map for social & economic factors as well as UAE investment over the following ten years.

The strategy majorly comprises objectives for the UAE’s society, economy, diplomacy, and ecosystem. By 2031, there are hopes to expand UAE tourism to $123 billion, GDP to $816 billion, and foreign trade to $1.09 trillion.

The Four National Pillars of We The UAE 2031

The plan emphasizes all sectors, ensuring the UAE thrives collectively as one of the Top 10 countries across these fields.

1. Forward Society

This pillar aims to make society prosperous by giving the citizens all the resources they need to succeed and by creating an integrated system to strengthen their talents so they can contribute as effectively as possible across all domains. It also emphasizes nurturing & enhancing the unity of families. The “Forward Society” would also include the education sector as a major axis for building up national cadres and supporting individuals with academic and training resources.

By refining its services and offering the greatest medical facilities to the population in the UAE, the plan seeks to advance the national healthcare industry. The goal of this pillar of the UAE national plan is to rank the UAE among the top 10 nations in the Human Development Index and to rank its cities among the top ten worldwide.

2. Forward Economy

In addition to speeding the pace of growth in the energy sector and the reliance on alternative energy sources to bolster the nation’s efforts in the green economy, this pillar will design policies and programs that help achieve high economic growth across all sectors.

The Forward Economy pillar highlights the UAE’s view that human capital is crucial for the 10-year growth plan’s strong enforcement. The UAE wants to be one of the top 10 destinations for international talent.

HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid's vision to lead We The UAE 2031 Plan.

3. Forward Diplomacy

One of the main aspects of the national plan that establishes the parameters of the country’s international involvement is “Forward Diplomacy.” Since the Union’s formation, the UAE has built its foreign policy on a set of values intended to strengthen the cornerstones of peace and cooperation at both the regional and global levels.

The plan seeks to enhance the UAE’s significant impact and role based on respect for human values. Along with this, it also aims to improve the UAE’s connections with other nations, increase its international presence, cooperation, and friendship, and promote constructive dialogue around the globe.

The strategy places a high value on bolstering the UAE’s position as a driving force behind the global environmental agenda, helping to achieve qualitative improvements in climate neutrality and solidifying the nation’s status as a hub for innovation in sustainability, science, and technology.

4. Forward Ecosystem

To achieve results and effectiveness, the fourth pillar of the “We the UAE 2031” plan seeks to improve government performance by offering the greatest public services in the world and creating the most adaptable business models.

The nation aspires to maintain its position as one of the safest in the world, with the best social, food, water, and digital security. This pillar concentrates on infrastructure development using the most recent technology techniques, and the establishment of digital infrastructure is a vital component.

It aims to elevate the country to the top spot globally in the safety index, as well as one of the top three nations in the global cybersecurity index and one of the top 10 nations in the global food security index. It also enhances the country’s position to be in first place globally in the safety index.

The Bottom Line: Not Only 2031, But UAE also Plans for the Next 50 Years

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, during the Government’s annual meetings, stated “The UAE will maintain its position as an economic destination. Economic prosperity, social well-being and development of human capital will be the main pillars of the next 50.”

The nation’s been striving hard to become the best of the best every single day. Regardless of the renowned status, it holds worldwide for its warm ex-pat treatment, lifestyle, and business & career opportunities, it continues to place its efforts to make the country a better place. Owing to this, global interest has significantly increased post the pandemic. In fact, UAE property market investments have surpassed the 2014 UAE investment peak as well.

There may not be a better time to own a property in UAE – where the world wants to be!

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