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Short Term Rental Yield Properties in Dubai: Why is NOW the Right Time to Invest?

A variety of new expat-friendly visa reforms have been introduced in the last month, and they are expected to increase the number of foreigners wishing to settle in the UAE. Despite the nation’s long-standing reputation as a top tourist destination and a center for international travel, only people with jobs, investors, or business owners were previously eligible for resident visas.

This often became an issue for people who were keen on investing in Dubai real estate but even after the investment could only enter with a visit visa unless sponsored by someone locally. However, the new visa reforms have now scraped all one-restrictive terms & conditions and have opened doors to all nationalities. Amidst a massive visitor influx from across the world, why is it wise to invest in a property in UAE that can give a strong short-term rental yield? Here are a few reasons why!

Why Invest in Short Term Rental Yield Properties?

1. High Returns as a Homeowner in this Dynamic Market

For those that are currently looking forward to investing in UAE properties in terms of genuinely attaining strong returns, short-term rental properties, if present in the correct vicinity, have the potential to provide investors with profitable returns. With an inflow of visitors staying in the nation for short and midterm periods, the new visa requirements in the UAE are expected to generate startling demand for vacation homes and short-term rentals.

Global entrepreneurs and freelancers frequently look for a place where they feel like they’re home, which is precisely why they favor short-term rentals. Holiday homes, as opposed to hotels, offer a homelike setting, and let visitors fully experience the local lifestyle. Along with that, they also provide a lot more flexibility.

Now is the perfect time for UAE homeowners to profit from their investments due to the surge of new tourists and visa holders.

2. A Capitalizing Opportunity Throughout the Year

Benefits from short-term rentals are available that long-term leases simply do not provide. The most noticeable benefit is the increased return on your investment, which is between 20% and 30% higher than that of a long-term rental. Simply put, guests will spend extra to stay at a fully furnished accommodation. Even after expenses, a temporary rental will bring in more money. Also, in contrast to long-term tenants, which might result in months of revenue loss while you look for a new tenant, short-term rentals provide consistent income.

Families are also traveling to the Emirates in increasing numbers, and many are seeking accommodations outside of hotels. For these guests, short-term rentals are the ideal accommodation because they provide more space than a hotel and a variety of family-friendly features. They have a cozy home away from home to use as a base while exploring the area’s unique experiences.

What Areas & Communities in Dubai Promise the Best Short Term Rental Yields?

Look out for these residential projects in Dubai offering a wide selection of properties:

– Palm Jumeirah
– Downtown Dubai
– Emaar Beachfront
– Jumeirah Beach Residences
– Dubai Marina
– Dubai South

The Bottom Line

Dubai is one of the most visited destinations in the world! With a great amount of interest from people across the globe, people desire to experience the lifestyle it has to offer. Also with this size of tourist influx, the demand for both hotels and short-term rentals is shooting up! It is strongly recommended to invest in this market and set a consistent passive income in UAE.

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