Renting and Managing out a property can be a daunting task for Owners/Landlords and choosing professional support is crucial. Hamptons Property Management experts ensure that the property is well prepared and in the best condition before it gets leased and managed, steps that are necessary in order to increase the value of the property and ensure a higher income for our Landlords.

Once the property is at a perfect state, a number of tasks are carried out: Targeting the correct audiences via selected marketing channels and identifying the right tenants. The screening of tenants, negotiations of rental prices and arrangement of rent collections, documentation of lease, overseeing day-to-day maintenance works through vetted suppliers at competitive rates, maintaining records of all works carried out, conducting of check in- and -outs and preparations of bi-yearly inspection reports, are just some of many tasks that our team takes care of on a daily basis.

One of the main aims is to exceed the expectations of our Landlords by taking a comprehensive approach to property management, consistently maximizing the value of their assets, while reducing the operational costs, and striving to achieve the highest levels of Tenant satisfaction and retention.

Our Property Management software is tailor-made to our company requirements and has assisted us over the years in providing advanced services supporting all our client requests.

Assets Management Includes:

• Residential Villa Compounds
• Residential Towers
• Grade A Commercial Towers
• Large mixed use developments (commercial, retail and residential)
• Management of individual properties (IPM)
• Industrial (Warehouses & Labor Camps)

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